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Grand Canyon Glamping

Grand Canyon Glamping

You may be intrigued by the prospect of rafting down the Grand Canyon with a top Creation Scientist, Dr. Jim Johnson of ICR, interpreting the unique flora and fauna along the way, but then there’s that camping business. Memories of bad food, pesky bugs and forgotten items are just... bad.

What if we told you that all you need to do is bring a couple swimming suits, a couple shirts, good sandals and we’ll take care of everything else? And for three nights you will be in a real bed, two at the Marriott (room service available) and one in the lodge or a Conestoga wagon at the Bar 10 Guest Ranch? The remaining two nights you will be on a cot riverside under the most beautiful canopy of stars you have ever seen. The meals are prepared fresh by our crew, the scenery is breathtaking and there’s even a seat on the toilet, along with all the sanitary supplies you could want. In short, if you can get on and off the boat, you can enjoy this unique mini-expedition!

Beautiful Blanket of Stars

Cots with a View!

Riverside Breakfast

You’ve thought about it long enough. Now is the time to do it. Come join us September 3-7 for the trip of a lifetime.

If you have more questions, please call us at (210) 885-9351 or email at

Hope to see you there!

Kevin Turley

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