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The Adventure of a Lifetime x 2!

The Adventure of a Lifetime x 2!

This summer, take a special trip to one of the truly unique places in the world—The Grand Canyon! We’re not just looking over the rim, we’re rafting on the mighty Colorado River and camping riverside under the stars! We have all the gear: cots, sleeping bags, tarps, rafts and loads of GREAT food (last year the average guest gained weight on the trip!) so you just need to grab your swimming suit, some sunblock, and hang on! Both trips feature a biblical interpretation of everything you will see. The 6-day trip emphasizes geology from a young earth perspective interpreted by Dr. Tim Clarey of the Institute of Creation Research, while the 5-day trip takes a wider view, examining animals, plants, stars, rocks, and even some history interpreted by Dr. Jim Johnson of ICR.

Both trips are incredible—truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! If you’re hesitant about camping, try the 5-day trip as it only has 2 days of camping. If you’re desiring a deeper experience, register for the 6-day trip and spend 5 nights on the beaches of the beautiful Colorado River. Either way, you are in for a treat! Hope to see you this summer!

  • All food & equipment from 8/28/24 breakfast to lunch on 9/2/24
  • Overnight accommodation for 5 nights — riverside!
  • Exploration of the upper 188 miles of Grand Canyon over 6 days
  • Optional side hikes daily: waterfalls, majestic vistas, lizard prints!
  • Biblical teaching on Geology with Dr Tim Clarey of ICR
  • Exhilarating helicopter ride to Bar 10 Ranch from the canyon floor
  • Private charter flight back to Las Vegas or Marble Canyon
  • Deluxe motor coach back to Las Vegas from Boulder City Airport
  • Fantastic fellowship and a lifetime of memories
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  • All food & equipment
  • Overnight accommodation for 5 nights:
    • 2 Nights at Las Vegas Marriott Hotel (no casino at hotel)
    • 1 Night at Bar 10 Ranch (Options: Conestoga covered wagon, beautiful outdoor deck, or bunkhouse)
    • 2 nights in the Grand Canyon — riverside!
  • Tour inside Hoover Dam
  • Sunset dinner cruise on Lake Mead
  • Scenic flight from Las Vegas to the Bar 10 Ranch on the North Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Horseback riding, horseshoe pitching, skeet shooting, and other activities
  • Exhilarating helicopter ride to the Canyon floor
  • Exploration of over 90 miles of the Grand Canyon over two and a half days
  • Biblical interpretation by Dr. Jim Johnson of ICR on the plants, animals, and rocks
  • Fantastic fellowship
  • Jet boat ride to Lake Mead
  • Deluxe motor coach back to Las Vegas
  • A lifetime of memories
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