By Bill Potter

“He was a man of intense religious conviction who carried into every thought and deed of his daily life the precepts of the faith he cherished. He was a tender, loving husband and father, kind-hearted and gentle to all with whom he was brought in contact. Yet, in the times that tried men’s souls, he proved not only a commander of genius, but a fighter of iron will and temper who joyed in the battle and always showed at his best when the danger was greatest.” —Teddy Roosevelt, 1895, Hero Tales from American History

“It was not only that Jackson was a religious man, but was that rare man among men to whom religion was everything. The inspired Psalmist declares that the wicked man, God is not in all his thoughts. The supreme fact in the character of Jackson was that, far beyond any man of whom we read, God was in all of his thoughts.” —James Powers Smith, Staff Officer to Jackson

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson was a man who realized that his singular responsibility as a believer was to live all of life to the glory of God. He lived his life with the self-realization that all of us live on the border of eternity and could therefore die at any time. As a fallible, yet great and humble man, he is uniquely worthy of our study, attention and admiration.


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