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Have you ever heard of the “Great Locomotive Chase”? Did the War Between the States really start in a man’s front yard and end in his parlor? And why was General Stonewall Jackson called “Stonewall”?

Join noted historian and storyteller Bill Potter for twelve tales of escape, battle, chase, and capture from America’s un-Civil War. Meet Christian warriors Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and others, and discover exciting stories of heroism and God’s providence often missing from our modern history books.

Stories in This Album

  • An Introduction to the Events Leading Up to the Great Civil War
  • The Confederacy’s Most Unlikely Hero: The Incredible Valor of Private Charles Whilden
  • Audacity Itself: General Lee’s Brilliant Tactic at Chancellorsville
  • The Gray Ghost Grabs a General
  • The Great Escape: How More than a Hundred Union Officers Escaped From Libby Prison
  • The Great Locomotive Chase: Union Raiders Steal a Train and Are Chased Through Georgia
  • Imprisoned for Conscience’s Sake: The Great Spiritual Awakening on Pea Patch Island
  • The Most Blasted Acres in America: The Story of the Shelling of Fort Sumter
  • A Most Daring Charge: Joshua Chamberlain Saves the
  • Union Army at Gettysburg
  • “There Stands Jackson Like a Stone Wall”: How Stonewall Jackson Got His Name
  • Trapped in a Forest by Forrest
  • The Unbelievable Daring of William Cushing: A Commando Destroys a Confederate Ironclad
  • The Unusual Providence of Wilmer McLean: The War Begins in His Front Yard and Ends in His Parlor


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Approx. 255 mins. on 13 tracks