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Cannonballs tore into the Bonhomme Richard, splintering her hull. As smoke billowed from the decks, her attackers demanded surrender. But Captain John Paul Jones refused. “I have not yet begun to fight!” he thundered.

Join noted historian and storyteller Bill Potter for twelve exciting, true tales of maritime adventure and God’s providence. From a tiny wooden ship circling the world under Sir Francis Drake, to a single U.S. submarine devastating the Japanese navy, discover incredible exploits of bold heroism acted out on the high seas.

An Introduction to the Stories of the High Seas
  • The Birkenhead Drill: The Story of the HMS Birkenhead
  • The Golden Hind Circumnavigates the World: Sir Francis Drake’s Most Daring Adventure
  • The Greatest Generation Meets the Perfect Storm: The Story of a U.S. Carrier on Fire in a Deadly Typhoon and the Heroes Who Kept Her Afloat
  • The Greatest Sailing Feat Imaginable: Major Damon “Rocky” Gause and the Escape from the Bataan Death March
  • “I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight”: John Paul Jones, the Bonhomme Richard, and the Serapis
  • The Irrepressible “Savez” Read: A Confederate Captain Riddles the Union Merchant Fleet
  • The Most Daring Crew: The Men of the H. L. Hunley
  • The Nelson Touch: The Character that Made Horatio Nelson a Legendary Naval Captain
  • “Old Ironsides”: The Most Storied Ship in the American Navy
  • Richard O’Kane and the USS Tang: The Best Undersea Captain in WWII, and the Submarine that Devastated the Japanese Navy
  • The Ship that Never Surrendered
  • Two Heroes of the RMS Titanic: Marconi Operators Do Their Duty to the Last Second: Phillips and Bride


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Approx. 244 mins. on 13 tracks