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At critical times in history, valiant men of Reformed convictions were compelled to take up arms and stand firm on the field of battle against those who desired to wipe out their families and destroy their faith and churches. Their stories of sacrifice form thrilling episodes in the history of God’s people, stories that are little known or studied today. Now you can discover their histories for yourself as you listen to historian William Potter share memorable tales of four victorious Christian armies commanded by courageous men of God.

In Victorious Christian Armies Commanded by Courageous Men of God, learn about Huguenot leaders Admiral de Coligny and Henry of Navarre from the “Wars of Religion” in France. Discover the story of General Oliver Cromwell, his New Model Army, and the overthrow of King Charles I. Meet Major Henry Berry, Colonel Adam Murray, and the other Scots-Irish defenders of Derry under William of Orange. And see how God protected Andries Pretorious and his fellow Voortrekker commandos during their struggle against the fierce Zulus of South Africa.

This 6-CD history resource appeals both to history buffs and to anyone fascinated by military tales, as well as those desiring a better understanding of God’s providence in history.

Included in This Audio Album

  • The Huguenots (1562 1598) — Admiral de Coligny/Henry of Navarre
  • The New Model Army (1645 1650) — General Oliver Cromwell
  • The Scots-Irish Defenders of Derry (1688) — Major Henry Berry/Colonel Adam Murray
  • The Voortrekkers (1838) — Andries Pretorius

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Approx. 354 mins. on 6 tracks