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Did you think America was finished fighting the British after the War for Independence? Think again! Smoldering tensions flared into outright battle in the War of 1812, during which American troops invaded Canada and British redcoats burned Washington, D.C.

Join noted historian and storyteller Bill Potter for twelve exciting, true tales of battle, piracy, ship-fights, and Indians from the War of 1812. Meet boy warrior Jarvis Hanks, fight alongside “Old Hickory,” flee British raiders with Dolley Madison, and learn about many more war-time examples of God’s providence.

Stories in This Album

  • Impressment Impresses
  • Tippecanoe and War with Britain Too
  • A Fearful General and a Prepared General
  • No One Compared with Macdonough
  • The General and the Red Sticks
  • Rumpsy Dumpsy, Who Killed Tecumseh?
  • We Have Met the Enemy and They Are Ours
  • Dolley Madison Saves George Washington
  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • Jean Lafitte: From Pirate to Patriot
  • “Old Hickory’s” Finest Hour


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Approx. 263 mins. on 13 tracks