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Between civilization and wilderness is a borderland called “frontier”. In and beyond this frontier is a testing ground for men and women, a place where courage is crafted, perseverance is proved and faith is forged.

Join noted historian and storyteller Bill Potter for twelve exciting, true tales of exploration, adventure, and determination in American history. From Spanish conquistadors exploring North America and Captain John Smith’s exploits at Jamestown, to Pony Express riders and Confederate emigrants, discover God’s amazing providences in the wilderness.

Stories in This Album

  • “Head of the Cow” Perseveres
  • La Salle: France’s Most Courageous and Intrepid Explorer
  • Captain John Smith
  • The Redeemed Captive: Pastor John Williams
  • George Washington’s Amazing Wilderness Adventure
  • The Captives of Abbs Valley
  • Simon Kenton Runs the Gauntlet
  • Only One Man Died, Why?
  • The Pony Express
  • Jim Bridger: Mountain Man
  • Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce
  • The Confederados


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Approx. 286 mins. on 13 tracks