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Listen as Landmark Events historian Bill Potter recounts the tales of unique historic sites of the Richmond area. Virginia is the “Mother of Presidents” as well as the “Cradle of the Nation” and many important places are yet redolent with the memories of the Virginia founders. It is unconscionable to tour Richmond and not address the Civil War, so we’ll discuss Chimborazo Hospital, the largest military hospital in the world in the 1860s, as well as three battlefields that provided plenty of work for the hospital staff.

Included in This Album

  1. Pole Green Church and Samuel Davies
    Bill Potter (43 mins.)
  2. Scotchtown
    Bill Potter (22 mins.)
  3. State Capitol and Monuments
    Bill Potter (34 mins.)
  4. Hollywood Cemetery
    Bill Potter (60 mins.)
  5. Fort Pocahontas
    Bill Potter (39 mins.)
  6. Chimborazo Medical Museum
    Bill Potter (20 mins.)
  7. Cold Harbor
    Bill Potter (27 mins.)

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Approx. 245 mins. on 7 tracks

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