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“Know this — perilous times are coming… Those proud, fierce, covetous, evil men shall wax worse and worse.”

Today’s headlines of Muslim terror, Planned Parenthood atrocities and Supreme Court-sanctioned sin bears resemblance to Paul’s description to Timothy of perilous times. What are Christians to do? We remember the promises of God and stand firm upon His word as events swirl around us!

In these messages from the 2016 Western Civilization and the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ conference, you will hear accounts of remarkable victories only the Lord could orchestrate from centuries past and the current age. Addressed in this album are the Christian’s role in the church, the civil government, the community and beyond. Glean lessons from Scotland, where the reformation that once burned so brightly has dimmed to an ember.

It is the duty of the saints, especially in times of straits, to reflect upon the performances of Providence for them in all the states and through all the stages of their lives. To do this effectively, we must be students of history.


Speakers Featured on This Album

Curtis Bowers

Col. John Eidsmoe

Colin Gunn

Dr. Joe Morecraft

Bill Potter

Included in This Album

  1. The Roots of Western Civilization
    Dr. Joe Morecraft (58 mins.)
  2. Darwin, the “Living Constitution” and Roe v. Wade
    Col. John Eidsmoe (63 mins.)
  3. The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization
    Dr. Joe Morecraft (67 mins.)
  4. Scotland’s Decline and a Blueprint for Its Revival
    Colin Gunn (64 mins.)
  5. Revolutionary Literacy: How to Interpret the Marxist “Doublethink” in the Prevailing Mantras of Our Day
    Curtis Bowers (56 mins.)
  6. Panel Discussion
    Speaker Panel (44 mins.)
  7. The George Washington Story: Victory from Defeat
    Bill Potter (65 mins.)
  8. The Future of Western Civilization and the Crown Rights of King Jesus
    Dr. Joe Morecraft (58 mins.)
  9. Government-Owned, Body and Soul: Lessons from Government Healthcare and Statist Education
    Colin Gunn (60 mins.)
  10. From Magna Carta to Montgomery: Obergefell and Interposition
    Col. John Eidsmoe (66 mins.)
  11. The Only Path Home
    Curtis Bowers (63 mins.)
  12. What Should We Do When Civil Tyranny Violates God’s Commands? The Scottish Covenanters as a Historical Test Case
    Bill Potter (80 mins.)


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Approx. 744 mins. (12.5 hours) on 12 tracks