Save $200 Per Person on Family History Tour!

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5 Reasons to Go to Virginia
Virginia by Car — Save $200 Per Person!

Increased Flexibility / Decreased Cost

We have converted the Give Me Liberty! Tour in Virginia into a car tour, enabling us to reduce the price by $200 per person! On a Landmark Events car tour, participants drive their own vehicles and provide their own food, allowing for greater flexibility in schedule and significantly lower costs. All the same wonderful venues, plus an additional guide!

Speaker Dan Ford

We have confirmed Dan Ford will be joining our staff for the Give Me Liberty! Tour. With his passion for sharing the abundant evidence of our godly cultural inheritance and some of his unique documents from the founding era, Dan is an inspiring speaker who has a passion to know the minds of our Founders through careful study of their publications. Dan is unique in that his collection of documents doesn’t hang on the wall or sit in a safe, but he employs them as tools, allowing tour attendees to hold them and read them, often on the very spot they were crafted, proclaimed or preached!

Distinctly Christian Perspective

Full of hope and optimism and void of “luck” and “chance”, we teach from a providential perspective. We stand with Puritan John Flavel who said “It is the great support and solace of the saints in all the distresses that befall them here, that there is a wise Spirit sitting in all the wheels of motion, and governing the most eccentric creatures and their most pernicious designs to blessed and happy issues.”

Bill Potter’s Solid Answers to Tough Questions

We will not duck the hard questions regarding the past, including the pervasiveness of slavery among the founding fathers and Confederate heroes, the fault-lines of the Constitution, the relationships with native tribes, or whether the Confederate battle flag ought to be flown in public. What aspects of Virginia’s past ought to be preserved and what lessons can the men of yesteryear teach us today?

Inspire the Next Generation!

Whether it’s a rediscovery of John Smith’s courage and tenacity, Patrick Henry’s visionary pronouncements and Christian testimony, or the untrammeled courage and duty of Robert E. Lee, we will try to help the young men and women of the next generation love the God of history and show forth the goodness of His works in the state that became the most important stage of two great Wars of Independence, the mother of Presidents, and the locale of great spiritual awakening in American history.

The Imprint of Virginia’s History
By Dan Ford

“Ultimately it was the planting of Christian families, churches, and representative government — rather than the plundering of gold and native riches — that secured the success of Virginia and America at large. The North American continent was not seen as a place for temporary profit or fleeting gain. It was renowned as a bastion where Christian society flourished amid a nearly limitless wilderness and as the perfect abode for those oppressed in Europe to enjoy the fullest measure of personal liberty and private property.”

Read the Entire Article Here

Landmark Events’ Referral Rebates

Now through December 31, 2014, refer a friend or family to a tour you are already registered for and they will receive 10% off registration PLUS you will receive a rebate equal to the dollar amount you saved your friends! Keep referring people and save even more — all the way to up 100% of your ticket cost! Make sure your friends write your name in the referral field when registering.

Note: Refunds are based on actual revenues of referrals and will be issued after the conclusion of the tour. We will add your last name as a Discount Code within 48 hours of your registration so your friends can save money and you can earn rebates!

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The Team at Landmark Events

Tour Attendee Testimonial

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“The tour we took with Landmark Events was a wonderful experience for our family! This is the best way I have found to learn about God’s providential guiding hand in history. It provides a means to learn as a family which spurs excellent discussions around the dinner table for months to come.” —Chad R.

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