150 Years Ago | 29 November, 1864

Tonight, Carnton Plantation — this home which has become a centerpiece of history — was transformed into the military hospital it was 150 years ago tomorrow. This very realistic recreation immediately transported me to 1864 as we passed the threshold into the house. Bloody, agonizing men were wall to wall in almost every room, soldiers ushered in more wounded on stretchers and under their arms as physicians directed orders for the more seriously wounded to be attended; dead soldiers were removed to a place in the yard.

My great, great grandfather was a surgeon at Carnton. This evening deepened my appreciation for this good man, my heritage and the noble cause he represented. May we never, never forget.

We are so grateful to Eric Jacobson, CEO of The Battle of Franklin Trust, author, Robert Hicks, all the staff and volunteers and all responsible for executing a remarkable and impressively realistic reenactment at the home and battlefield that so many of us have come to know and love.